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Educate for Active non-violence
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Run This Way 
Run This way promote : running, walking & dancing

Classroom Workshops:
«The body and mind gymnastic? What for?» *

Unlike most sports and exercise systems, the body and mind gymnastic is not intended to produce greater muscular development or greater endurance. «Runthisway» running program will help with endurance. The body and mind gymnastic will help student to find and understand their weakest and the most difficult points of self- control. The point of theses practices is to give the opportunity to students to practice the body and mind gymnastic that are the most difficult and to improve their inner balance. (emotion, motor and intellectual)

Relaxation, body postures, breathing & moods
These techniques help students to learn practice in order to be able to give responses to situations of violence as well as developing better control and better relationship. Body postures: did you ever noticed the difference between the posture of someone who is depressed and someone who is happy? In theses practices, students will easily grasp the relationship between posture, mental state and emotional state.

Breathing and moods
When a person's emotional state changes, theses changes many things inside the person including their breathing. An emotionally aroused person's heart begins to beat faster and their breathing becomes higher in their chest ; their voices comes in uneven gasps, and may also become higher pitched. Just as specific as the mental state and posture are linked, they are also linked to definite ways of breathing. Knowing this, students can practices change in there breathing and posture to produce change in their emotional state and response.

Improving attention
Learning new skills, a good memory, strongly in carrying out one's goals depend on one's attention. In theses practices students will learn pretext work in order to improve their attention.

*theses practices were drawn from Mario Rodriguez Cobos, Silo, books and «From Monkey Sapiens to Homo Intentional», the phenomenology of the non- violent revolution», Sylvia Swinden, UK. some information are taking from UNESCO, UNICEF and others friends and organization.
KSP (Educate Together), Ireland - 2011 edition
«Bois Joli et Belles Rives», Gatineau Canada, 2011 edition
Colegio International School SEK, Equator- 2011 edition
Nonviolence (in Hindi)
Education for non-violence provide tools to help students to cope with day to day situation & bullying. In Education for non- violence we are seeing that violence is the basic problem in societies. Active non-violence educator are aiming for global Active nonviolence movement.

School register in Run This Way program received classroom workshops.