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Apprends à résister à la violence en toi et en dehors de toi
Web conference in classroom
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Run This Way
Web conference in classroom is Run This Way new program. Students in Canada will be able to talk and participate in project with student from others country.

Students in classroom will be working with others students in the world on peace, nonviolence and cultural diversity.

How student in Nepal or Argentina are creating peace in their school? How are they coping with difficult situation?
Web conferences
To participate in program a delegate per school must register (before September 20). The form is available under «registration school year». Only the schools participating in the race, walk or dance will participate in web conferences program.

Classroom equipement:
Interactive board or screen
Audio equipment

Confidentiality & safety

We are bound by a confidentiality argeement. We do not disclosre information about school participants. The web conference allows schools to log into a safety online environment. No recording conference are allowed.

To facilitate the smooth functioning of conferences a agreement is send to school participant.

Web conference set up
The school responsible will received  web conference manual and directives for web conference preparation and student preparation. During web conference the responsible must follow directives in manual.

Timing web conference
Each web conference will be from 25 to 30 minutes. The school responsible make sure to communicate with his counterpart aboard and agree on time to carry tests and web conference.
Photo: web conference, International Mont-Bleu school in Gatineau Canada
Photo : Kilkenney school project Ireland
Photo: web conference,  Bourget college in Rigaud, Canada