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Think, feel and act in the same direction?

Quite frequently, we notice that students are divided between what they think, feel and do. On the other hand, they understand if they manage to do something  in harmony with theirs ideas and feeling they feel good and probably would like to have similar experience every day.

Each day student are facing diverse situation, moreover many times theirs actions and feeling are opposed one to an other, creating inner lack of unity. With time this lack of unity is creating inner tension and negative feeling. The principles of Active Nonviolence provide a resource to understand the direction and link between thought, action and feeling.  

Run this way

Principle of Active Non-violence example

Things are well when they move together, not in isolation.

You will make your conflicts disappear when you understand them in their ultimate root, not when you want to reslove them.

Violence cannot be a tool to fight injustice and intolerance situation. Violence will always recycle itself in new problem or a new treat. To justify violence on one side is to justify it for everyone else. The methodology of active non- violence offers the best change, for it implies the end of injustice, wars discrimination and the end of violence in society and within oneself. 

The new humanism develop a series of nonviolent principles. Theses principles are also called the “Principles of Valid Action.” These principles are a set of recommendations, that enable one to remember certain laws of behavior that contribute to a life of unity and meaning.

«The Principles are laws of behavior, although they are conceived not as moral or legal prescriptions but rather as forces with different function in action or reaction depending on the social landshape of the person who acts.» (Mario Rodriguez Cobos, Silo, conference in Scandinavia Center, Reykjavik, Iceland, November 13, 1989)

Twice a month school register to Run This Way will received classroom activities presenting one principle of Active Non-violence - there is 12 principle
Principles of Active non-violence
Ending violence within and in the world
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