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Run this way
Last year Run This Way students run, dance and walk asking for Unity for Peace resolution. Thousands of kilometers were symbolically given to United Nations General Assembly asking for the application of Unity for peace resolution (resolution 377) and for refugees students protection.

Run This Way activity in 2014: What would you bring from our world from 2014 a world without wars in 2046? Peace & solidarity

Classrooms project:

Drawings and arts project.

For a future without wars & violence.

Live in solidarity today for a future without wars in 2046!
Photo credit: School in Ireland, "Educate Together"
For a world without wars in 2046 .. we need cultural solidarity & personal solidarity in 2015-2016!
Cultural Solidarity in 2015
A new sensibility
A sensibility that grasps the world as a whole. A sensibility that grasps problems people in one place involve other people, even if they are far away. In this situation of global change, both traditional leaders and old political and social activists no longer serve as points of reference for people.

(Silo, Letters to my friends, 1994)
International Network of humanist 2015. ©
Photo credit: Tunisian Caravan for peace, Marc Vella
Student living in conflicts zone around the world are suffering every day.

Run This Way is proposing Well-being activity. This classroom activity is a series of reflection for compassion shared among students in classroom for students that lives in wars zones and are refugees.