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Photo : Brazil permanent council for active nonviolence

Community program
Education for non-violence is base on the golden rule «treat others has you wish to be treated». The main proposal is to built relations with others according the best possibilities and abilities of oneself and the environment.  

Proposal :
  • Creating awareness on forms of violence in society and in oneself ; study factors that maintain violence in daily life and society
  • implementation ; training session for permanent council member and community members.
Réseau International Humaniste 2011.
Run this way
  • Situational analysis (institutional analysis)

Introduction workshop :

Discuss : Ask participants to explain the various form of violence existing in the world. (ie. psychological abuse, economic abuse, intimidation, physical violence, racial violence, religious)

First :Ask participant what is discrimination and what is violence?
Write down definition. In group participant exchange and agreed on common definition.

Second: What is Active non-violence? Participant wrote down their personal answer. The definition is write down on the board. Than participant exchange in groups and give personal experience ie situations where they were either players or actors in active non-violent.
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